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Always stay up-to-date by receiving notifications from your shared projects. Whether it's someone adding a comment, assigning a task, completing a task, or joining/leaving the project.

You can view all of your notificationsboth read and unreadin the Notifications tab, but if you would like to check all your unread notifications, you can open the Unread tab.

Quick tip

If you want to mark all your unread notifications as read, simply click or tap the checkmark icon.

You can customize which events you’ll be notified about and whether you want to receive them by email or push notification in your account settings.

Types of sharing notifications

There are several types of actions that people can take in a shared project. You can decide which ones you want to be notified about:

  • Comments for you: When someone has chosen to notify you about a task comment.
  • Tasks assigned to you: When someone has assigned you a task.
  • Tasks completed: When a task that you’ve either created or assigned is completed.
  • Tasks uncompleted: When a task that you’ve either created or assigned is uncompleted.
  • Collaborator joining project: When someone accepts your invitation to join a project.
  • Collaborator declining projects: When someone declines your invitation to join a project.
  • Collaborator leaving project: When someone leaves a project that you’re a part of.
  • Collaborator being removed from project: When someone removes another member from a project.

How to manage your notifications settings

  1. Click your avatar in the top-right corner of Todoist.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Open the Notifications tab. Now you can:
    • Select to receive notifications on the web, by toggling on Desktop and web notifications.
    • Manage which notifications you’ll receive from shared projects in the Shared projects section.
    • Select whether you want to be notified by email (email icon) or push notification (phone icon)or not notified at allfor each action taken by a teammate in a shared project.

Quick tip

Not getting notifications on your device? Try out our recommended troubleshooting steps.

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