Add emoji in Todoist

Available for

  • Beginner
  • Pro
  • Business

Use emoji to add some extra character to Todoist ✨ Emoji can be added to comments and anything you can name: tasks, sections, projects, labels and filters. Here’s how:

  1. When entering text, open the emoji keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Cmd + Space on macOS or the Windows key + . (period) on Windows.
  2. Click on an emoji to add it.

Quick tip

Using Todoist on Linux? Try using a browser add-on, like Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels for Chrome or Awesome Emoji Picker for Firefox.



No, Todoist supports only Unicode emoji. The two main reasons for not supporting anything other than Unicode are:

  1. All platforms support Unicode emoji.
  2. All platforms provide superior native experiences for Unicode emoji, including:
    • Keyboard support
    • Ability to visually browse available emoji
    • Localized emoji names