Collaborate in Todoist

Todoist has all you need to collaborate on tasks and projects with friends and family and get work done as a team. Here’s our guide to help navigate the best ways to collaborate in Todoist, both casually and with teammates.

Casual collaboration 

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or organizing a family reunion, you can use personal projects together with your friends and family. Casual collaboration happens in personal projects, and is all about keeping your personal life organized and fun. Learn more about collaborating with friends and family in Todoist.

Work collaboration

Whether you manage a small project with a few teammates or coordinate across departments, you can use team projects to stay on top of it all. Work collaboration happens in team projects, and is aimed to help you and your team be productive and organized. Learn more about collaborating with your team in Todoist.

Personal projects vs team projects

The limits that apply to different types of projects also reflect how they’re best used. Personal projects can be shared with up to five people, whereas team projects can be shared with up to 250 team members. Plus, team projects are optimized to be easily discovered, organized, and shared.


Personal projects

Team projects

Invite others

Assign tasks

Private projects

People per project



Project previews

Organized project folders

Shareable links to every project, task, and comment

Team roles and permissions

Team-visible projects

Team activity view

Quick tip

If you’d like to learn more about how upgrading to Pro or Business affects your project limits, and more, check out Todoist limits for tasks, projects, files and more.

Get in touch

If you’re still unsure about which type of collaboration would work best for you, get in touch. We - Galina, Dermot, Marco, or another one of our 14 teammates - look forward to lending a hand!