January 2024: New personal project collaborator limit

With the launch of team workspaces on January 17th 2024 the sharing limit in personal projects will decrease from 25 to 5 people per project.

We understand that this change can impact several of our users’ workflows, and we have therefore created this FAQ to offer you some context and advice.

Quick tip

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This change has been implemented to help us better align our product features with our users’ needs and usage patterns. Our data has shown that the majority of individual Pro users typically collaborate with smaller groups (often family or friends) in their projects. 

Therefore, a limit of 5 people per project should still allow ample room for collaboration in personal projects, while team projects in team workspaces can be used for collaboration on a larger scale.

No. All collaborators who were already in your personal projects before January 17th 2024 will remain in your projects.

The 5 person limit only applies to personal projects. We therefore recommend that you move your personal project into a team. Once your personal project has become a team project, you can add up to 250 collaborators.

This article explains how to create a team.

This article explains how!

If you remove someone from a personal project and you want to re-add them, you will only be able to do so if there are less than 5 collaborators already added to the project.