Plan your week with the Upcoming view

The Upcoming view gives you a bird’s eye view of your week while letting you organize your upcoming tasks all in one place. Review your plans for days, weeks, or even months ahead—all up to two years!

Review your upcoming tasks

See every task due in the next 7 days (and beyond) across all your projects.

Quick tip

If you're a Todoist Pro or Business customer, you can view your tasks in a calendar layout, either by month or by week. Learn more.

Upcoming View Anatomy.png

  1. Click Upcoming in the sidebar.
  2. Scroll through the list to see tasks scheduled for any date in the future.
  3. Click the current month to jump to a past or future date. You'll see tasks scheduled for that date. 
  4. Click the left and right arrow buttons at the top-right to view a different week.
  5. Click the Today button at the top-right to get back to today’s date.

Schedule your tasks

Schedule due dates in minutes, so you know exactly what’s coming up.

  1. Click Upcoming in the sidebar.
  2. Scroll down the task list or use the week picker at the top to jump to any date in the future.
  3. Click + Add task to create a task for that selected day.

Reschedule your tasks

Reschedule tasks to free up fully booked days in the week. In Todoist, drag a task across the Upcoming view and to its new date. This ensures your schedule is manageable and doable.

Existing tasks: Drag the task to its new date, or hover your cursor over the task, click the scheduler icon, and pick a new due date.

Overdue tasks: Click Reschedule at the top-right.

Show or hide future occurrences

If you’re on the Todoist Pro or Business plan, you’ll have access to the calendar layout in the Upcoming view. From there, choose whether you want to see or hide all future occurrences of your recurring tasks in the calendar.

To show or hide future occurrences of your tasks, click View in the top-right. Then, turn Future occurrences on or off.


If the list or board layout is applied to the project, you'll only see the next recurrence of the task.

Best practices for the Upcoming view

As you get the hang of planning your week in advance, the Upcoming view becomes a great tool for looking back at what you’ve achieved, and proactively scheduling tasks for the following week. Here are some tips and best practices to try:

Postpone tasks that need more time

If a task needs more time to complete, postpone it to next week using the Postpone option in the task scheduler.


Review upcoming appointments

It’s nice to get a sense of which appointments are coming up, so you can plan your week accordingly. This is especially useful if you’ve set up your calendar to sync with Todoist.

Add a due time to any tasks that are time-sensitive, and create a reminder to make sure you don’t forget them.

Create a recurring task for weekly reviews

Do you prefer reviewing your progress on Friday evenings, or planning for upcoming work on Sunday mornings? Create a recurring weekly task to "Plan for the week”, so it becomes a part of your schedule.

Get in touch

If you're having trouble using the Upcoming view to create or schedule Todoist tasks, get in touch with us. We — Stacey, Sergio, Stef, or another one of our 14 other teammates — are more than happy to help!