Use keyboard shortcuts in Todoist

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Save time and effort on repetitive actions with Todoist keyboard shortcuts! Some shortcuts can be used anywhere in the apps, while others only work when adding or editing tasks.

General shortcuts

Shortcuts modal

Give these shortcuts a try when using the Todoist app. Search for tasks, show or hide the sidebar, print your task lists, and more.

ActionmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Quick AddQQ
Search/ or F/ or F

Open/close sidebar


Show keyboard shortcuts


Open Quick Find

Cmd ⌘ + KCtrl + K
Print current viewCmd ⌘ + PCtrl + P
Zoom inCmd ⌘ + =Ctrl + =
Zoom outCmd ⌘ + Minus Sign (-)Ctrl + Minus (-)
Reset zoom levelCmd ⌘ + 0Ctrl + 0

Navigation shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to quickly move between tasks, views, account settings, and more.

Open task in its project Shift ⇧ + G
Open ProductivityO then P
Open helpO then H
Open notifications O then N
Open profile photo menu O then U
Move focus up K or
Move focus down J or
Move focus to the right 
Move focus to the left 
Go to homeH, or G then
Go to Inbox G then I
Go to Today G then T
Go to Upcoming G then U
Go to labels G then L
Go to projectsG then P
Go to sectionG then /
Open settingsO then S
Open themeO then T
Open activity logG then A
Open Filters & LabelsG then V

Global shortcuts

Global keyboard shortcuts can be used when Todoist is minimized. Use the default shortcuts below or customize your shortcuts in Todoist, so they fit nicely with your workflow.

Show/hide TodoistCmd ⌘ + Ctrl + T
Open Quick AddOption ⌥ + Space

Tasks shortcuts

Task shortcuts let you quickly create new tasks or organize existing tasks, so you can optimize your workflow and get more work done.

Quick Add

Pull up Quick Add and type these shortcuts into the task field to add details like a project, priority level, or assignee.

Set a priority levelp1, p2, p3, p4
Pick a project#
Pick a section/
Add an assignee+
Add a label@
Add a reminder!

Create tasks

Use these shortcuts to quickly decide where and how to create new tasks. You’ll see different shortcut actions whether you’re creating a new task or making changes to an existing one.

Add new task to the bottom of listA
Add new task to the top of listShift ⇧ + A
Save a newly created task and create a new one belowEnter
Save changes to an existing task and create a new task belowShift ⇧ + Enter
Save a new task or save changes to an existing one and create a new task aboveCtrl + Enter

Manage tasks

Use these shortcuts to edit, move, complete, or delete tasks.

ActionmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Complete focused taskEE
Complete and archive recurring taskShift ⇧ + Click the checkboxShift + Click the checkbox
Open task view EnterEnter
Edit taskCmd ⌘ + ECtrl + E
Save editsCmd ⌘ + EnterCtrl + Enter
Set due dateTT
Remove due date Shift ⇧ + TShift + T
Set priority level1, 2, 3, 41, 2, 3, 4
Change priority levelYY
Add label LL
Assign/reassignShift ⇧ + RShift + R
Move to … VV
More task actions ..
Select focused task X, or Cmd ⌘ + ClickCtrl + Click
Select multiple tasksCmd ⌘ + Click, or Shift ⇧ + ClickCtrl + Click, or Shift + Click
Move focus to multi-select toolbar,,
Delete selected task Cmd ⌘ + DeleteShift + Delete
Copy link to taskShift ⇧ + Cmd ⌘ + CShift + Ctrl + C
Move to the task above the task currently being editedCmd +Ctrl +
Move to the task below the task currently being editedCmd ⌘ + Ctrl +

Sort tasks

Use these shortcuts when sorting tasks according to project, assignee, and more.

Sort by dateD
Sort by priorityP
Sort by nameN
Sort by assigneeR

Sub-tasks shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to create, hide, or remove sub-tasks. Make sure the task is focused and you’ve applied the list layout to your project or view before giving these a try.

ActionmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Increase indent of focused taskCmd ⌘ + ]Ctrl + ]
Decrease indent of focused taskCmd ⌘ + [Ctrl + [
See or hide sub-tasksShift ⇧ + EShift + E

Projects shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to create and manage your Todoist projects.

Change to list/board/calendar layout*Shift ⇧ + V
Add sectionS
Share projectShift ⇧ + S
Sort by due dateD
Sort by priorityP
Sort alphabeticallyN
Sort by assigneeR
Open more project actionsW

* The calendar layout is only available to Todoist Pro or Business customers.

Upcoming view shortcuts

Use these shortcuts when navigating the Upcoming view.

ActionmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Go to today in Upcoming Option ⌥ + Shift ⇧ + YHome
Next week in Upcoming Shift ⇧ + Shift +
Previous week in Upcoming Shift ⇧ + Shift +

Calendar layout shortcuts

If you’re a Todoist Pro or Business customer, you’ve access to the calendar layout. Use these shortcuts to review your weekly tasks or get an overview of this month’s workload without lifting your fingers off the keyboard.

ActionmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Go back to todayT or Shift ⇧ + Option⌥ + YT or Shift + Option + Y
Go to next weekShift ⇧ + →Shift + →
Go to previous weekShift ⇧ + ←Shift + ←

Get in touch

If you’ve questions or problems with any of the keyboard shortcuts in Todoist, get in touch with us. We—Dermot, Summer, Melis, and our other 14 teammates—are more than happy to help!