Introducing the Todoist Status Dashboard

While our uptime is above 99 percent, we intend to keep you up-to-date when outages do occur. That’s why we’ve created the Todoist Status Dashboard.

Every time you load up Todoist, you trust us with your most important projects and tasks. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. That's why we work to ensure Todoist never goes down. While our uptime so far is above 99 percent, we wanted to make sure we could inform you in the rare event that an outage does occur.

Enter the new Todoist Status Dashboard. Simply go to to access the dashboard. You'll be able to view the current status of the Todoist system as well as more detailed information about any outages. If the check mark icon is green, it means that all services are online and working normally. Whenever a disruption in the service does occur, it will be reported on the dashboard with a red check mark icon until the momentary disruption is resolved.

You can also check our system history for the past 90 days using the row of indicators under the check mark. Simply scroll over any incident to get a more detailed explanation of what happened.

We know how frustrating service outages can be. The reliability of our system is always our number one priority. With the Todoist Status Dashboard, we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s happening with the health of our systems as quickly as possible. We hope you find it useful!

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