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Todoist Premium

Simplify your workload.

You’ll love having a fully customizable task management system across 10+ different platforms.

Simplify your workload.
Powerful, personalized organization.

Powerful, personalized organization.

Add rich context and visual structure to your to do list with enhanced labels and filters.

Anytime, anywhere reminders.

Anytime, anywhere reminders.

At work. At home. On-the-go. Never miss a task with 4 types of Premium alerts.

Your productivity hub.

Your productivity hub.

Write detailed comments and upload unlimited files from your hard drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Get more features. Get more done.

Todoist offers more useful features than any other to do service. So you can do more to customize the experience, organize your tasks and projects, and optimize your productivity.

Comments and file attachments

Add as many details as you want using task comments. Or attach PDFs, spreadsheets or photos!

Mobile and email reminders

Get reminded about upcoming tasks via email or mobile text message.

Location alerts

Receive task alerts on iOS or Android when you arrive or leave a certain location.

Automatic backups

Never lose data. Each day Todoist takes automatic backups that are easy to restore.

Improved label system

Enjoy an improved label system with label auto-completion and label coloring.

Custom filters

Create powerful filters and filter your tasks any way you like.

Task search

Use keyword search to retrieve the task you need instantly.

Track your productivity

See and filter your completed tasks. The perfect way to review and improve your productivity.

Access tasks via iCalendar

Export your tasks and see them in your favorite calendar app.

Add emails as tasks

Add emails as tasks to ensure you never forget to follow up on a message.

Project templates

Save time and busy work by using Project Templates. Perfect for your repetitive projects.

Always stay in sync

Get unlimited, automatic synchronization across every device, platform and computer.

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Updated my @todoist Premium today. Locked in another year of the best app ever. Best $29/year ever spent. I couldn’t live without it!
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Just renewed Todoist Premium for a second year. After years of looking and testing, this is my perfect todo app. #gtd #agileresults
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This holiday season I bought myself the gift of @todoist premium because this app is basically holding my life together.