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Designing a feature involves many steps, from documenting and prototyping to getting feedback and delivering assets. As you create or improve your product, having a clear process in place can help you save time.

Stay organized with this checklist template. Here’s how to use it:

  • Setup: Make sure you have things in order before you start. Create a specification document, a folder for assets, and another project for teamwork.
  • Documenting: Product design requires you think about the user flow, different states, and edge cases. Documentation is key.
  • Prototyping: Once you have everything documented, you can start designing the feature.
  • Feedback rounds: Getting someone else’s point of view will improve your design and UX copy. Start early in the process.
  • Create assets: Once you’ve adjusted designs, it’s time to make them ready for implementation.
  • Feature release 📣: It’s almost time! Before release, coordinate with support and help marketing with the announcement. After, hear the good and bad feedback to see how you can improve further.


Product Design at Todoist

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