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Your support team members are your customer advocates. They’re constantly in touch with users about feature requests, bugs, and feedback about your product. Tracking feature requests in a Todoist project will help you keep track of what your customers are asking for and ensure your team responds accordingly.

Use this template to start tracking requests. Start by adding any feature requests to the “Open requests” section, and send the important ones to your development team. You can then monitor those features as they’re implemented by developers so you can report the good news to your users when they’ve been completed.

A few tips:

  • Add task priorities to each task to keep track of the P1 (most important) feature requests.
  • In order to easily update users who’ve requested a feature, add a link to the user’s feature request in the task comment.
  • Use the “Not now” section to keep track of feature requests that aren’t being developed yet. If the feature does get developed down the line, you can send a message to the users who asked for it.


Head of Support at Todoist

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