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Content Pipeline

Use template

Our content team here at Doist uses this content pipeline to manage the Ambition & Balance blog. We use it to keep track of how each blog post is progressing and unblock any potential issues.

Use this template to organize the upcoming content on your blog. Start by brainstorming your ideas at the top, and then move the articles of your choice down the pipeline, section by section, until they’re published.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Content Ideas: Blog post ideas for the next few months. In the task comments, describe the idea and share links to research. Decide if you want to add it to the pipeline.
  • Pipeline: Where you commit to writing a post. Work together to refine the idea in the comments before writing.
  • In Progress: Blog posts that are being currently written. Add a deadline for the first, second and final drafts. Edit each draft with our editor. Work with design for images. Plan out SEO.
  • Ready to Publish: Do the final review of the article. Upload it to your blog platform. Press Publish.
  • Posted 📫 : Celebrate published blog posts. 🎉
Hugo from Todoist Product Growth